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  • Is growth inconsistent at best (or nonexistent at worst)?
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  • Do you have tons of ideas, but no clue how to prioritize them?
  • Are you worried you're behind where you should be, or that you might let your team down?
  • Is it time for a meaningful strategy you can feel confident in?
  • Are you just not sure where to start?

The answer to nearly every growth-related challenge your team experiences can be found in your customers, and this is especially critical in SaaS: where long-term customer value and loyalty is life or death. We think there should be a simple, proven process for finding those insights and turning them into high impact, revenue-generating outcomes.

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The sheer caliber of guests and knowledge shared in the FTF workshops is priceless. They have directly contributed to my career, rocketing me from a digital marketing strategist to CMO at a fintech startup, with short onboarding period and immediate impact. I highly recommend the series to any tech marketer, no matter your career level.

Rachel Houde


Huge thumbs up on yesterday's workshop! As the sole product marketer at my company, it was extremely helpful to see how other organizations are tackling product marketing, and also very reassuring to know I'm not the only one out there struggling with some of these issues.

Madelyn Newman

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

I just accepted an offer to be Baremetrics' Head of Growth and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you, because FTF has been invaluable to me in growing and learning as a marketer. Gia and Claire and all the resources they provide have helped take me from a digital marketer with my hands in everything to leader at an amazing SaaS company.

Corey Haines

Head of Growth

Your Forget The Funnel hosts

Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana has been working with SaaS companies like Unbounce, Appcues and Sprout Social since 2009. She’s been launching and building B2B and B2C brands online since Y2K was a thing. In three years, she built a team that grew revenue 900% and 14th on the Deloitte Fast50, without any major funding.

Claire Suellentrop

Claire helps B2B and B2C SaaS companies like Wistia, FullStory, Edgar, and Death to the Stock Photo get out of the "echo chamber" and inside their best customers' heads. She's spoken internationally about the impact of customer research, and her methods have generated record-breaking email open rates, click-through rates, and new user signups.

We believe there should be a simple, proven process for finding customer insights, then turning them into high-impact, revenue-generating outcomes.

Over our combined 15+ years' experience growing multi-million dollar SaaS companies, we've learned that the answer to nearly every growth-related challenge can be found in your customers — especially in SaaS, where long-term customer value and loyalty is life or death.

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