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Forget The Funnel delivers a realistic, step-by-step framework for making the right marketing decisions and driving more predictable, meaningful revenue growth.

When a company's growth is shaky or slowing, many founders & execs assume they’ll find the solution by listening to marketing experts, or by trying tactics they’ve seen other companies try. But what worked for someone else, at some other company, with some other target audience isn’t automatically relevant to your business, your product, or your customers.

The information you actually need to fix inconsistent, unpredictable growth is found in one place: inside your best customers’ heads.

In Forget The Funnel, we share the method we use to help companies of all sizes & stages calm the marketing chaos, and hit ambitious revenue targets. We call this method the Customer-Led Growth Framework.

This book will fundamentally change the way you think about marketing — and even about how you run your business. Rather than a giving you a toolbox full of marketing tactics, this book will give you a blueprint for growth — so you can choose the tools that are actually right for your company, your team, and your customers.

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About the Authors

Georgiana Laudi

Gia is a SaaS growth advisor, marketing executive, and the co-founder & CEO of Forget the Funnel. Previously, she was the former VP of Marketing at Unbounce. Gia’s been building and launching brands online — from early-stage to major companies — since Y2K was a thing.

Claire Suellentrop

Claire is the co-founder & COO of Forget The Funnel. She’s an expert in leveraging customer insights to fuel revenue-generating marketing programs. Previously, she was the Director of Marketing and #2 hire at Calendly, and has 10+ years' experience in marketing, 8+ in SaaS.

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We believe there should be a simple, proven process for finding customer insights, then turning those insights into high-impact, revenue-generating outcomes in weeks, not months or years.

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