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The Customer-Led Growth Program

If you're responsible for leading the growth of a SaaS business, stop guessing what works. Finally learn a proven, step-by-step process to building customer-led growth strategies. So you can go from "will this actually work?" to confidently reaching & retaining more customers.

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I'm a CEO and founder. My team and I decided to pivot and rebuild our product, and I invested in the program to help us develop a solid growth strategy.

While working toward our relaunch, we completely rebuilt our website, documentation, branding, and of course, go-to-market strategy. We also changed our pricing model three times based on customer feedback we gathered as a result of the program, and our newest pricing model has made a huge impact on our growth.

I want to thank Gia and Claire for this program: it was the best money I've spent!

Shar Darafsheh

CEO & Founder, Servicebot

Being at a startup, we have to be laser-focused on where and how we spend our resources. Which is why it's a big deal that when I recently put together an SEO strategy, it impressed our founder so much that I got his full buy-in.

The program absolutely helped with this. I've been going through the videos again, and seeing the lessons and materials with fresh eyes. Thank you for such a wonderful program.

Niki Torres

Director of Product Growth, Airalo

When I started in my role at this company, one of my main objectives was to be invited to join executive meetings.

At the time, I knew almost nothing about SaaS, and Gia & Claire provided so much value. This program was the best investment I've made: I would pay the same price again, just for the mindset shift I've had.

This morning, my CEO reached out to say that he would like me to join the company executive meeting. I cannot thank you enough.

Ikenna Okoroafor

Growth & Marketing, Anow