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SparkToro is helping eliminate barriers to entry for those with financial need by covering the enrollment fee for two applicants. If the cost of enrollment is a significant financial challenge for you, please share below why you'd like to be considered.

Note: If this cost is not a challenge for you, please keep this option open for those who truly need it.

Refund Policy: The Customer-Led Growth Certification Program has a 7-day refund period. If, after your first week, you decide this program isn't for you, we'll refund half the enrollment fee. The applicant must provide Forget The Funnel with written notice of dropout within 7 days of the program start date.

Applicants will no longer have access to program content or templates, but are welcome to reapply for future cohorts.

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If you like to get a head start, block your calendar on Mondays from 8am-9am PT / 11am-12pm ET / 3pm-4pm UTC for our live strategy sessions.

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