Customer-Content Fit: A Framework for Producing Content That Drives Leads

March 13, 2019

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Benji Hyam

Co-founder of Grow and Convert

If you're like most SaaS marketers we know, you're under serious pressure to drive results. And often, it feels like you were supposed to deliver those results yesterday.

When you're under that kind of pressure, it can seem much easier to jump straight into action — for example, churning out content for your blog — than taking the time to think about how that content will strategically attract new customers.

Benji Hyam has seen this happen many times. As Co-founder of the content marketing agency Grow and Convert, he and his team have encountered dozens of SaaS content marketing teams who've been grinding away, publishing content at a rapid speed...but who haven't seen the new trial signups or customers they'd hoped for.

To fix this problem, he and his team have coined the concept of "Customer-Content Fit": a framework for planning & producing content that actually attracts the customers you want.

In this workshop, Benji shares his Customer-Content Fit framework with you — and helps you analyze whether your own content fit is actually attracting customers....or whether you should go back to the drawing board and rethink your strategy.

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Benji Hyam

Benji is a Co-founder of Grow and Convert, a fully-done-for-you content marketing agency that completely takes over a company's blog and produces high-quality content to drive targeted traffic. Benji previously ran marketing for two venture-backed startups based in San Francisco. Now, he focuses on sharing his learnings with others.

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