How SaaS Marketers Can Get Buy-In on Qualitative Research Projects

May 22, 2019

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Alli Blum

User Researcher and Conversion Copywriter for SaaS Marketing Teams

Why does research get so much resistance? And why, as a marketer, are you often discouraged from doing any research other than checking quantitative data sources, like Google Analytics?

Alli Blum, Conversion Copywriter and champion of qualitative research, has fought the "we need research" battle many times -- and won. And in this workshop, she's letting you in on her secrets for spotting and overcoming the most common research objections.

If you're ready to build a buy-in machine, so you can finally get the qualitative data you need, this workshop is 100% for you.

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Alli Blum

Alli is a SaaS conversion copywriter and user researcher who turns customer conversations into answer keys. She’s helped teams at companies like Buffer and Codecademy launch high-converting email campaigns and CRO experiments, but not before pinpointing the “why” behind the “what” of high-impact customer behaviors. Alli has spoken about conversion copywriting and customer research for MicroConf, is a frequent guest on podcasts including UI Breakfast, and is a TinySeed mentor. She doesn't tweet often, but when she does she tweets mini lessons about research, onboarding, and conversion copywriting.

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