How SaaS Marketers Can Create a One-Page Marketing Strategy

February 21, 2018

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Louis Grenier

Founder of Everyone Hates Marketers

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of marketing tactics available to you? Has "analysis paralysis" ever stopped you from making a decision about marketing channels, so you've struggled to show results?

We tackle this challenge with Louis Grenier, Content Lead at Hotjar and founder of the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast. He shares a brilliant way to get past the overwhelm, keep the focus on your customers, and - best of all - create a marketing strategy that's only one page long (!), yet super-effective.

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Louis Grenier

Louis Grenier was so sick of marketing BS, he started a podcast called Everyone Hates Marketers to fight against it. He’s the Senior Marketing Strategist at Hotjar, a powerful way to analyze people’s behavior on your website or app and understand how you can improve their experience.

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